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We are Pay Per Call and Pay Per Minute Website Experts has been helping people make a lot of money talking on the phone. Sound too good to be true? You would be surprised how much money there is in the pay per call business.

Are you popular on Social Media? Do you have a talent or skill that others may want to learn? If so then you could earn a great deal of money with your own pay per call website.

But let's take a step back for a moment in order to provide a better understanding of what we are offering.
Exactly what is a Pay Per Call Website?

Say Hello to Fitness Expert and Social Media Sensation Xandra

Like most people Xandra started a Facebook page as a way to connect with friends and family and meet new people. At the time she was completing school and focused on becoming an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She has always been involved in sports and loves going to the gym.

Having a Social Media presence was vital to her new job as she often went online to offer advice to potential clients. She enjoyed creating fitness videos and posting them on Youtube and Facebook. She also kept an online journal using popular blog websites such as Reddit and Tumblr. It was fun and a great way to build her reputation as a highly competent fitness instructor.

Starting her own Pay Per Call Website

For most people that idea of launching a website is very complex (and costly). However Xandra found and asked about our services. Fortunately we had a turn-key solution available for her within 24 hours. Our Pay Per Call website product gave her the ability to instantly connect with her fans and receive payment for her services. Much more than any revenue she may make from Youtube videos. Within one week Xandra was making more answering paid phone calls through her own website then she did through any other resource.

Xandra starts her day by logging into her website and checking her messages. Many of her clients and social media fans register on her website and send her messages in order to schedule a phone call. Xandra is able to set a Pay Per Minute fee for any connected call and even create custom call packages for regular clients (for example 120 minutes for $250.00).

Once the call is completed Xandra will see the profit instantly from her control panel. She can also see who the caller was, how long they spoke, send the caller a follow-up message, read any feedback the caller provided and keep notes on the caller that can be used to help her remember any special details the next time the client calls. Xandra's personal phone number remains hidden because all calls route through her own toll-free phone number that we provide.

Please continue to view our services, features and a full tutorial of how your website will work.

The Services we Provide You

We have made the process of managing your own website very easy. You will have access to your own private control panel where you can view all sales, view, send and reply to all messages, post blogs and update your profile. There is actually much more than that but we'll cover this in the next section.

However even though the manament may be easy, some things are not and that's where we take over. The following is a list of our services.

  • Secure Hosting

    Our team has over 15 years of server administration which comes in handy when someone tries to hack a website. Our hosting services included weekly backups, general trouble-shooting, a lightning fast web server and website domain privacy.
  • Unmatched Support

    We take pride in being responsive to your questions. Most questions sent to us are oftem answered within 1 to 2 hours. We also offer 24/7 phone support, ticket system (to track on-going issues) and a quick and easy texting option. Bottom line is we care about your website.
  • Web Development Experts

    Our system has been built and fine-tuned over the last 15 years. Our team consists of developer experts that can create any new feature you may want. Even though our Pay Per Call website is easy to use it is build on the latest cutting edge technology that requires the best programmers.

Full List of Features Included in Your Website

Domain Name:

You will need to decide what domain name you want to use for your website and let us know. We'll take care of setting everything up from there including your own email address (for example

Public Profile Page:

People visiting your website will be able to view your public profile. You will be able to easily create a detailed description of your services, upload image and video content and post updates at anytime.

Mobile Friendly:

Your website is 100% mobile friendly and meets the guidelines as stated in Google and Bing.

Website Email:

Look official with your own professional email adddress. We offer 4 different emails:,, and You can log into your private website email or connect your computer or device to automatically download and reply to message sent through your website.

Registration Page:

Customers will be able to register and gain instant access to their own private control panels. You can track all customer registrations. The customer can then send you messages through your private website inbox, add funds to their account e-wallet and order pay per calls from you. Customers can also order paid chat, web store items, pay you to send you messages (optional), pay to open messages you have sent them (optional) and much more. Only you have access your customers.

Caller Notification:

When you receive a call you will hear an automated voice informing you of the caller's name, length of call purchased and an option to press #1 or say 'Yes' to accept the call. The caller's account e-wallet will not be debited until you are connected live with the caller.

Missed Call Alert:

If your call status is turned on and you happen to miss a call you will see this listed as an alert in your control panal. The alert will display the customer that tried to call, what type of call it was and an option to send the customer a quick private message which will appear in his inbox.

Online Status:

You can turn your availability status on or off with a click of a button and this will reflect instantly on your public profile page. You have four different online status(s) that can be managed from one section. This includes Pay Per Call, Pay per Minute, Paid Chat and Paid Texting. For example you may wish to turn all connections options off, or leave one or two on. The changes you make occur in real-time.

New Message Alert:

When a customer sends you a message you will receive a new message notification in your personal email a address. The notification message will simply inform you that you have a new message and will include a link that will direct you to your inbox so you can quickly reply.

Customer Notes:

Within your control panel you will see a link title 'My Customers'. This link will display every customer that has ordered any item from you (Pay Per Call, Pay Per Minute, Web Store, Tip, Paid Article, Pay to Send and Pay to Open. You will be able to see the type(s) of purchases the customer has made, the date of the purchase(s) and an option to create private notes based specifaclly on that caller. You will also have the option to send the customer a private message through your secure inbox system.

Call Recording:

To help ensure quality assurance all calls are recorded. Only you as the website owner have access to this. This section is available from your top level admin panel and displays the caller's name, length of call, price of call, type of call (Pay Per Minute or Pay Per Call) and both parties phone numbers.


From your top level admin section you can create FAQ categories, FAQ questions and answers. This means that if you wish to display very specific details about how to use your website you can make an FAQ category titled 'Customers'. You can then list every possible question and provide a complete answer. If you wish to create another FAQ category for general website news such as billing, privacy, terms, etc. you can create a categoru for that. The FAQ feature allows for HTML (optional) so you can easily insert images and internal links.

View Online Clients:

From your top level admin section you can view all logged in clients and what page of your website they are currently on. You will also be able to see the clients IP address and how long they have been logged in.

Mass Auto Call:

Within your top level admin panel you will be able to enter an unlimited list of phone numbers, enter a text-to speech, message or upload an MP3. With one click your website will call all of the phone numbers and play the message you have entered. You can even save each mass auto call in the event that you want to use it again (for example wishing everyone a Happy Holiday). You can specify the phone number from which the calls are coming from.

Mass Auto Text:

This works the exact same as the mass auto call except this time you are sending a text message to multiple phone numbers simultaneously. As with the mass auto call feature you can save the message and enter the phone number that your users will see as the phone number that sent the text.

Pay Per Call:

You can create Pay Per Call items which will appear on your public profile page. At anytime you can edit, delete or add additional pay per call items. Customers can then click on the Pay Per Call option and if they have enough funds in their account e-wallet they can order the call. The Pay Per Call feature is unquie and you can create any legnth and price For example you may wish to offer a holiday special and reduce the price. Or even offer a certain amount of free talk time for callers that reach a monthly threshold.

Paid Articles:

You can write stories and record yourself reading them (you can also upload MP3 files). Customers that visit your public profile page will see a link that will display all of your articles. The customer is then able to call a toll-free phone number, enter a pin code an access key and listen to the audio file. The customer cannot download the audio file and can only listen once per order. For example you may be a talented musician and wish to upload music that you have created. The customer can call your toll-free phone number , log into their account and listen to your music. You set the fee for each item you create and receive payment instantly.

Web Store:

You can create items in your own web store that will appear on your public profile page. For example you may want to sell audio files, documents, .PDF files, image sets, videos or even tangible items such as books, jewelry, clothing, etc. You can easily track all sales from your sales history and send messages to your customers that have ordered your web store items.

Paid Voicemail:

When a customer sends you a message through your website inbox you can reply with a voicemail and set a fee that the customer must pay to her the voicemail. When you reply to any message you will see an option to call a special phone number, enter a pin code and leave a voicemail. You can then specify how much the customer must pay to open and hear the voicemail.

Paid Chat:

You can create Pay Per Chat options that will appear on your public profile page. You can set the price and time length. When a customer clicks to order a paid chat session with you you will hear an audio alert notifying you that a customer is trying to order a chat session (this will include the customer's name and chat item). You can then click to accept and chat live with the customer. This is text based chat only, no webcam or audio. The paid chat feature works similar to a private one on one chatroom session.

Pay Per Minute:

Customers can also connect you to via Pay Per Minute. You will receive a toll-free phone number that will appear on your public profile. You can also set your Pay Per Minute fee to anything you wish to charge on a per minute basis. If a customer calls you via Pay Per minute can speaks to you for 20 minutes at $5.00 per minute than you will instantly see the sale profit of $100.00 in your control panel.

Pay Per Send:

This is an exclusive feature only available from 7Community. When a customer registers on your website and sends you a message you can reply to the message and set a fee that the customer must pay in order to send you additional messages. Of course this is optional and you do not have to assign a py per send fee, however if you are offering consulting services then this is a great way to make additional money answering questions through your website inbox message system.

Pay Per Open:

This is another exclusive feature only available from 7Community. When a customer registers on your website and sends you a message you can reply to the message and set a fee that the customer must pay in order to open the message. This is perfect if you intend to attach valuable items to the message such as documents, audio, image sets, or a video.

Profit Reporting:

Your website includes 9 options for making money. This includes Pay Per Minutes calls, Pay Per Calls (block time), Paid Chat, Web Store Purchases, Paid Recorded Audio Files, Opened Messages, Pay to Send Messages, Pay to Like and Pay to Love. From your top level admin panel you will see a total profit from all 9 sales. When clicking on this profit you will see exactly how muh you have earned from each sale type. The profir reporting relfects the last 24 hours of total sales, however you can view each day's sales from the first day your website went live.

Sales History:

From your control panel you will be able to view in real-time all sales. This will include the sale type, customer name, sale profit and an option to send the customer a message through your website inbox message system.

Media Library:

Within your private control panel you will have your own library section where you can store media content. This means that you can upload images, videos and audio files that can be used at a later time. For example when you send a message to a customer you can upload an attachment or select an item from your media library. You can also embed media and obtain direct download links.

Affiliate Program:

Your website comes with a fully functional affiliate program that gives you the ability to offer a percentage of your profits to anyone that refers paying customers to you. For example you may offer affiliates 20% for all sales they generate for you. This is a great way to increse your traffic. The affiliate program is easy to setup and is optional.

Social Media:

You can connect your website with various social media accounts and alternative connection apps and even sell the customer access to each account (optional). For example if you have a Skype account you can list that service on your public profile page and set a fee that the customer must pay in order to see your Skype username. You can also sell access to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsAPP account through your website.

Website Encryption:

Your entire website and all data that passes through it will be encrypted using the highest industry standards. This protects you, your privacy and your customer's. As part of our service we also offer that support of our website security team which has over 15 years of experience.

Block Customers:

If needed you can block a customer from being able to send you messages through your website inbox and you can even block the customer from being able to orders calls from your account. As the owner of the website you will have even further access that will enable you to manually add, suspend or delete customer accounts.

Your Website - Please Watch Each Short Video

  • Domain Name

  • Public Profile Page

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Website Email

  • Registration Page

  • Caller Notification

  • Missed Connection Alert

  • Online Status

  • New Message Alert

  • Customer Notes

  • Call Recording

  • FAQ(s)

  • View Online Clients

  • Mass Auto Call

  • Mass Auto Text

  • Pay Per Call

  • Paid Articles

  • Web Store

  • Paid Voicemail

  • Paid Chat

  • Pay Per Minute

  • Pay Per Send

  • Pay Per Open

  • Profit Reporting

  • Sales History

  • Media Library

  • Affiliate Program

  • Social Media

  • Website Encryption

  • Block Customers

  • Instructional Manual


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